Principal Investigator

Gordon Fitch

I’ve been fascinated by animals and plants for as long as I can remember, and it’s a dream to get paid to spend time with them and think about them. I’m motivated to better understand the intricate complexity of plant-animal interactions because I think this understanding is essential to conserving these interactions.

I became and ecologist thanks to the enthusiasm and passion of multiple mentors and role models, and I do my best to pay it forward by lighting the spark in others. I am dedicated to making the field of ecology more diverse, inclusive, and oriented towards justice.


Kajal Tabrizi Zadeh

As a third-year student in York University’s Biology program, my deep concern for animals and nature is one reason for my involvement in this research. I’m looking at how disease in bumble bees influences foraging on the plant Monarda fistulosa. This research explores whether bees practice self-medication, and will hopefully help us tackle the decline in the bee population. Through this experience, I’ve gained valuable practical skills and theoretical knowledge. I enjoy contributing to a cause that aims to support and protect bees, essential contributors to our ecosystem.

Karandeep Rakhra

 I am in my fourth year of an Honours B.Sc. in Biology. My time at the Fitch Lab has been instrumental in enhancing my practical research skills and knowledge. This has sparked my passion in the field of ecology and evolution, especially concerning bees and how parasite infections impact bumble bee pollination. The research being conducted will help us gain an understanding of bee foraging behaviour. During my research practicum, I am eager to explore the influence of behaviour and parasite infections in bees. I’m looking forward to contributing to the field of ecology during my practicum placement.